Rest in peace in israel
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Rest in peace in israel

We offer our customers the acquisition of grave-lots at small Kibbutz cemeteries in Israel, in a nice, peaceful, well kept and cared environment.

Shay Kahana

Rest in peace in israel

R.I.P in Israel supplies Burial services in Israel, in one of the many small and dearly kept, Kibbutz cemeteries, all around the land of Israel. The Kibbutz settlements, founded since 1910, have adapted a liberal policy on the issue of religious belief and allow burial services according to each one’s belief, from an Orthodox funeral in religious Kibbutzim to other streams in Judaism, in Kibbutzim, which are not religious.

Rest in peace in israel is situated in Israel, in a Kibbutz not far from the Sea of Galilee.

With the founding of the first Kibbutz in 1910, and there on, each Kibbutz had set its own local cemetery, and paid special attention to its care. In the many Kibbutz settlements there is a long time tradition and experience in conducting funerals, paying respects to the deceased and the mourning family, and caring for the cemeteries through the years.
The Kibbutz cemeteries have never been neglected or abominated and the most is and will be done to promise this in the future.